Akin April From Twitter

Hopefully you follow us on Twitter and you’ve had a chance to read through the comments on a recent tweet that asked people what their favorite Dr. Akin story, memory, or quote is. But if not, we’ve collected them here for you to enjoy. Feel free to add yours in the comments below.

Brian Sherwood (@BrianTSherwood): Preaching Phil. 1:21 at my DMin graduation. I still ask myself, "Do you believe it?"

Jordan R Willard (@JordanWillard): On communicating the Word: "What you say is more important than how you say it. But how you say it has never been more important."

Sterling Griggs (@sterlinggriggs) and Matthew Daniel (@matthewdaniel34) both recounted Dr. Akin’s response to a search committee that regularly fired their pastors, “I wouldn’t recommend a dog to your church.” To which Matthew replied that he remembers him saying “I don’t hate a demon that much that I would send them to your church.”

Aaron P. Swain (@aaronpswain): 2007 graduation ceremony. A sermon illustration describing his jogging attire.

Philip Blinson (@philblin): In his first year as President, my wife and I were Nehemiah church planters in MA. Dr. Akin heard our 3 month old daughter was having lung surgery. He called to let us know he was praying for her. Never have forgotten that act of compassion. Thanks, @DannyAkin !

Philip Corbean (@PCorbean): We were talking about a mutual friend, @fredmevers, Dr. Akin says that he preached at his church in LA. After the service a man told Dr. Akin that he didn’t believe the holocaust really happened. Dr Akin replied to the man, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” Then walked away

Zack and Haley Hicks (@ZachandHaley): His books, I love his books! Christology, in particular is wonderful!

Drew Page (@pastordrewpage): “Let leaders lead.” From Perspectives on Church Government: 5 Views.

This month, we are honoring Dr. Akin’s 15 years of ministry and leadership at Southeastern Seminary. If you have a story about his impact on your life please feel free to share it with us at alumni@sebts.edu and we’ll post it to the blog. Additionally, in honor of Dr. Akin, we are asking alumni and current students to contribute $15 in his honor to the For the Mission campaign by clicking here.