Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Akin!

It has been a joy this month to celebrate Dr. and Mrs. Akin on 15 faithful years of service at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary! In one day, graduates of SEBTS and C@SE gave over $1,200 in honor of the Akins. The stories we have heard from students and graduates alike confirm that many in the Southeastern family have been impacted in some way through the ministry and service of Dr. and Mrs. Akin.

I, personally, am immensely grateful for sweet Charlotte Akin. Prior to coming to SEBTS to finish my degree I followed her and Dr. Akin from afar on social media. Mrs. Akin’s posts were/are centered around others. She is always edifying others, not for her own praise, but to draw others to Jesus. About a year after living in Wake Forest and having a few short interactions with her, I wanted to know more about her life. I crafted an email to her asking to have lunch and then thought “yeah right, like she will actually have time (or honestly, the desire) to go to lunch with me!” To my delightful surprise, she agreed! I was able to learn more about Charlotte, the girl who was miraculously brought to faith through Jesus Christ and who grew into a mature, vibrant warrior for Him. That one move on my part sparked a friendship that I will forever cherish. Mrs. Akin is not only my seminary president’s wife; she is my friend and a woman who I aspire to emulate as she emulates Christ.

I have learned much about leadership from Dr. and Mrs. Akin. One unusual quality that they both share as leaders is accessibility. My first time on campus I was amazed that the President’s Office was so highly visible with a “Welcome, come on in” sign on the door. In previous jobs, I would have never even imagined emailing a president’s wife directly asking for a casual lunch. The Akins are leaders who make others feel comfortable, welcome, and valued no matter who you are or where you come from. I am grateful for how they champion those around them. I join with a host of others who say thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Akin, for how you live, love, and lead others to love the Lord with all we have and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

This month, we are honoring Dr. Akin’s 15 years of ministry and leadership at Southeastern Seminary. If you have a story about his impact on your life please feel free to share it with us at and we’ll post it to the blog. Additionally, in honor of Dr. Akin, we are asking alumni and current students to contribute $15 in his honor to the For the Mission campaign by clicking here.