Where is God Using You?

By: Bekah Stoneking

My name is Bekah Stoneking. I graduated from SEBTS in 2013 with my MAIS and plan to graduate with my Ed.D. within the next year. In September 2016, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee and joined the LifeWay Kids team as a content editor for “Explore the Bible” for kids.

“Explore the Bible” is a book-by-book study that takes kids through all 66 books of Scripture. With our tools, kids investigate things like genre and authorship, the history and culture of the world of the Bible and Christ in context. It is our mission to equip kids to both know and live the Word of God.

Specifically, I edit our worship resources for kids and preschoolers. I also research and write for our “Explorer Guides” which, through the use of object-based learning, help kids make connections between God and science, art, history and other facets of culture and the world. It’s such a fun and worshipful experience to create materials that help kids learn to see evidences of God everywhere they look.

Additionally, I work on our “Explore the Bible: On Location” videos. I never expected my seminary education to lead me to video shoots, but I love that this is what the Lord had planned!

It is not lost on me that what I do every day impacts thousands of churches and tens of thousands of kids all around our country and world. It’s a little terrifying, but wholly humbling that God has chosen to use me in this way. My biggest prayer is that this reality will always stay at the forefront of my mind and that I will work diligently unto the Lord as I help create materials that propel His message to the ends of the earth. I also pray that my mind stays sharp and that I continue to learn about God and people so I can be an effective communicator of the gospel and so I can equip churches and families to do the same.

In addition to this, please pray with me that I, along with my church –The Church at Avenue South—may make much of Jesus in middle Tennessee and among the nations. Thousands of refugees have settled in our area and I’ve encountered multiple language and people groups in my neighborhood. My MAIS is certainly not going to waste in Nashville!

Please also pray that I can finish my dissertation in a timely manner and that my research will inform and guide my work at LifeWay Kids.

My biggest piece of advice for future and new students at Southeastern is to keep your hands, heart and mind open. It took years for me to understand how God planned to use my gifts of teaching and leadership and my heart for kids, missions and writing. I also worried about neglecting my MAIS by moving to Nashville, but I was in the city for fewer than two weeks when an expat family invited me into their home to share a meal and talk about faith and culture! God is bigger and His plans are better than we could ever dream or create on our own. So, be teachable, keep your eyes open and be ready to #Go as He leads!