Where is God Using You?

By: Ben Neiser


The Neisers are a missionary family that responded to the call of God to bring the Gospel to the least reached city and campus in North America. Provo, Utah is only 0.5 percent evangelical. They have been missionaries among the people of Provo, Utah since July 2014. They work among the thousands of college students in the area. The local university is .15 percent evangelical. The Neisers desire to see the lost people of Provo come to faith in the true Jesus, be disciple-making disciples of Jesus and plant multiple Jesus-believing, preaching, exalting and glorifying churches. They currently serve as members of First Baptist Church of Provo.


1. Movement of the Holy Spirit to soften hearts, bring salvation and person(s) of peace

2. Neiser family – finances (we are funded by individual and church partners), protection (physically/spiritually), personal holiness, wisdom and salvation for our daughters

3. Our weekly Bible study – each week we have lost people in attendance

4. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out more workers to Utah.


Our family spent three years at SEBTS. It was a time that we look back on with great fondness. We were members and served in a local church in Wake Forest. Our local church, coupled with the classroom education, led to an incredible season of spiritual growth. Our encouragement to all SEBTS students or future students would be to not neglect your local church involvement while in school. Also, live your life on mission while at school. Our evangelism efforts, while in Wake Forest, greatly affirmed our eventual calling to Provo. Don't flip the mission, evangelism and discipleship switch after you graduate. Fulfill the Great Commission now.

Blessings to you brothers and sisters!