Three Things every Pastor should consider about Children’s Ministry

Evangelist D.L. Moody towards the end of his life, said, “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!”  Dr. Moody saw the weightiness of ministry to children.

How many adults have you met who would reflect on their lives and wish that they were saved later in life?  Moody argues that the earlier the conversion, the more likely it is for one’s life story to be totally committed to the Gospel and more likely to go into full-time ministry. When considering the local church, there are three main points for pastors and church leaders to think carefully about when ministering to kids and their families. Children’s Ministry is your church’s largest mission field, Children’s Ministry is the present and future of your church and Children’s Ministry is important to God.

Children’s Ministry is your Church’s Largest Mission Field

Barna Research Group tells us that 83% of those who profess Christ do so between the ages of four years old and fourteen years old. What grander mission field has God granted your church than the kids who enter your doors each Sunday! Consider these words of 1800’s Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, “And far away across yonder broad ocean, in the Islets of the South, in lands where those dwell who bow before blocks of wood and stone, there are missionaries who were saved in Sabbath Schools, and the thousands, blessed by their labour, contribute to swell the mighty stream of the incalculable, I had almost said infinite, success of Sabbath school instruction.” (Come Ye Children, C.H. Spurgeon, P.105).

Children’s Ministry is the Present and Future of your Church

Children’s Ministry is typically the after-thought at best when revitalizing a church or planting a new one.  Often Children’s Ministry comes as a response to a plea from well-meaning parents and church members. “What are we going to do with all these energetic kids?” A growing Children’s Ministry is one of the major signs of a healthy church. When we are welcoming little ones and their families, and nourishing their souls with the truths of the Gospel, we get to pour into the least of these in a way that reminds them that they have a place in the body of Christ, today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

Children’s Ministry is Important to God

God has entrusted the church to tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, the wonders that He has done (Psalm 78:4). What a joyful privilege we have to be a part of something that is so close to the heart of God. If you have never considered Children’s Ministry as an impactful part of your church, consider Mark 10:14 which reads, “But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” This verse serves as a reminder to us of the mission field of God, Jesus saw children as an important part of the kingdom of God.

May God use our children’s ministries to draw the coming generations to Him and then send out a mighty army into the nations to win souls for the kingdom.


Stephanie Jackson, 2006

Stephanie Jackson has served as Director of Children’s Ministries at North Wake Church located in Wake Forest, North Carolina since 2003. She is passionate about sharing the Gospel with children and equipping families to follow Jesus together. She is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Undergraduate program and in partnership with North Wake Church, the founder of which seeks to Equip, Encourage, and Engage Children’s Ministry Leaders via Online Mentorship. In her free time she enjoys gardening, collecting penguins and eating tacos.