Where is God Using You?

By: David Stark

How and where you are serving:

From September 2013-May 31, 2017, I served as the director for Faulkner University online. As of June 1, I became the Winnie and Cecil May Jr. Biblical Research Fellow at Faulkner’s Kearley Graduate School of Theology.

Prayer concerns & praises:

We are very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to transition into the graduate school. We’d appreciate fellow Southeastern community members joining us in thanks for this as well as prayers that this new phase of service will greatly honor our Lord in the fruit that it bears.

Ways you would encourage future students of Southeastern:

There is a medieval dictum that laborare est orare (“work is prayer”). This concept certainly applies to your time as a student. It may apply still more after graduation. While you are in school, you have a fairly definite path toward completing your degree. After graduation, you will need to sort out a path to employment in the field to which you believe God has called you, or you may need to come to terms with a change in that area of service at some point. Along the way, family and other parts of life may not always go as you’d anticipated. Do your best to check a sense of entitlement at the door. Remember that whether, when and how to bless your labors lies in God’s hands alone. And work: in your field, on loving well those closest to you and on everything else. And as you work, remember that your work is, in the end, an empty-handed coming before the Creator and asking for him to honor Himself in the mercy that He shows you.