The Formative Years

By: Brian McKinney


The most formative experience during my time at Southeastern involved me having to do two practical experiences for my seminary classes. In one of my seminary classes, we had to have hours of volunteer experience in the church setting. I became a volunteer intern for my local church (Richland Creek) working in the assimilation ministry to include writing a training guide, doing the actual training and scheduling of leaders and implementing the vision of having a decision support team for assisting the pastor with church attenders making decisions during the altar call.  Later, Dr. Coley asked me to lead his ministry at the same church involving teaching the Sunday School teachers the weekly lesson using ideas gleaned from seminary classes for content and my education courses for strategies. Currently, I am the head of school for a private, Christian school and serve on church staff for the church that hosts the school as a ministry of the church. Both of these formative experiences are in some form or fashion in my responsibilities with the church and in the school setting.