The Formative Years

By: Matt Fretwell

I will answer this question in three parts.

First, one of my professors, who happened to be my faculty chair, became more than a mere educator. He invaluably assisted in my spiritual, ministerial and academic growth. Dr. Robinson took time to invest in my personal journey with Christ and helped to assimilate my ministry work into my doctoral work. This became a fundamental formative experience.

Second, as a director of operations who trains church planters, develops content and establishes New Breed Church Planting Network’s leadership structure, Southeastern’s D.Min. Great Commission Leadership tract was a perfect fit. Learning how to formulate and illustrate research with qualitative and quantitative evidence became a vital aspect for future ministry.

Lastly, my doctoral project has become a launching pad into many areas of ministry. I have been able to utilize the reproducible disciple-making practicums to assist some local churches in reaching new converts and of course, church planters. Needless to say, the professionalism that is Southeastern and their kingdom mindedness is well known. Due to my research at Southeastern and insight gained, a door has been opened for me to teach the distinctives I’ve formulated from Southeastern in equipping labs at Exponential.

Without the many fine people at Southeastern – from administrative assistants, program directors, professors, the president and all who show they cared and supported me – I would not be where I am today. Thank you, Southeastern.