Where is God Using You?

By: Freddy Cardoza

I'll never forget staring out my dorm window, watching the wall around the Southeastern campus being rebuilt, brick by brick. Each day, I'd watch as it was masterfully and painstakingly done by a fellow SEBTS student.  I knew that it was a metaphor for what was happening in my life and in the lives of my fellow seminarians, as God built us, stone by stone, into his building.  Those were incredibly formative years, as I was fortunate enough to sit at the feet of so many now, and even then, legends of education, theology and Bible, including being a student of President Akin in a historical theology/church history course in what was perhaps his first semester teaching at Southeastern back in the 1990s. 

A lot has changed since then (Class of 1994, MACE), as I'm now on the other side of the teaching podium.  Since that time, I have spent 20 years in full-time pastoral ministry and overlapped many of those years in the professoriate, now having 22 years of academic teaching.  I currently teach at Talbot School of Theology where I lead the Christian education programs in addition to being a visiting professor at Gateway Seminary's Ph.D. program, plus serve as the executive director of the Society for Professors in Christian Education (spceonline.org). Most recently I have begun a discipleship ministry called Podcast Seminary (podcastseminary.org).  In all these, the character and training to lead was not in small measure gained in professors' offices and homes, Binkley Chapel and in the halls of the many academic buildings in Wake Forest at Southeastern. The balance I received in my education was key to who I am today.

I covet your prayers, that God would give me the courage, character and content I need in my teaching ministry to accompany his calling and to complete my race. I'm grateful for the many still-teaching and now-retired Southeastern professors I had, in addition to the institution itself and its values, as they serve as markers and guideposts for my teaching and discipleship ministries.  Thank you to Southeastern Seminary and its leadership for your biblical fidelity and personal faithfulness.