The Formative Years

Dr. Freddy Cardoza

I think my most formative experience during my time at Southeastern was from the then- chair of the Christian Education department, Dr. Edward Buchanan.

In addition to his personal interest in me, he welcomed me into his home, along with his lovely wife.  Being in that informal environment allowed me to get to know him and her better, and to see a completely different side of him.  It's there that I learned about his heart for students, for ministry and saw it up close and in stereo.  It impacted me then and continues to impact me now.  As a result of that, I work to do similar things in my own teaching ministry at Talbot School of Theology.  One practice I have is to provide 20 percent of my work week as student advising/coaching/discipling/mentoring time.  This includes some discipleship one-on-one with select students but is an open door for all students wanting some of my time.  Among the top examples of this in my educational experience was Dr. Buchanan.  It shaped me and, in turn, I'm working to pay it forward to help shape my students.