Where is God Using You?

By: Josh Miller

My name is Josh Miller and I graduated in December of 2016 with my Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry.  I currently serve as the pastor of ministry training at The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, where I oversee all that we do to train men and women who feel called to vocational ministry.

This time next year, my family along with several others will be sent out by the Summit to plant a new church in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Our goal is to multiply disciples in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia and through it around the world.

Pray that God would refresh and strengthen my family as we begin building the launch team and prepare for this major life transition.  Also pray that He would open a wide door of effective ministry for us in Charlottesville and that He would bless the other ministries already making disciples in the city.

If you’re a current or future SEBTS student, I’d encourage you to plug in deeply with a local church.  Much of what I learned theologically as a student was sharpened as I applied it in my personal ministry of disciple making and shepherding.  The best theologians are able to explain complex doctrine in an accessible way to help people without a formal theological education become more like Jesus.

I’m deeply grateful for SEBTS and look forward to staying connected as an alumnus