Where is God Using You?

By: Keith Marriner

Currently I serve as executive editor of One Accord Resources and adjunct professor in the School of Christian Ministries at Emmanuel College, both of which are in Franklin Springs, Georgia. I also have the privilege of ministering to and with young adults at Riverside Church in Colbert, Georgia.

There are at least two areas I would appreciate prayer: First, as a father of two young girls I need all the prayers I can get. This has less to do with them and much more to do with me. It is far too easy for me to be harsh (not violent) with my girls when they are disobedient. However, I have found that when I approach them in a spirit of gentleness, they are more receptive to my instruction. Pray I will be inclined to be gentle with my girls, particularly when I need to discipline them. Second, I need discernment concerning future writing projects. I know writing is part of the ministry for which the Lord has equipped and called me. The problem I have is with figuring out what to focus on next. Please pray I will be able to discern the Lord’s will in this matter.

As an area of praise, I am thankful for what the Lord is teaching me about how to be content and to trust the Lord to give me peace when I encounter situations that would lead me to be anxious. I’ve struggled with contentment and with anxious feelings for many years. By God’s grace, he has been working on me in both areas and I know will continue to perfect me in these areas (and many more) until I see the Lord face to face.

I am extremely appreciative of the time I spent at Southeastern. I only wish I had made more of an effort to engage in meaningful relationships with my classmates and professors during my time there. By the third degree, I figured out what a blessing it was to engage in relationships with my classmates and professors. I would encourage all students to make every effort to get to know your classmates and professors, building genuine relationships with those who are part of the Southeastern community. It will aid you not only in your studies, but also in your formation as a disciple of Christ.