Where is God Using You?

By: Kindall Dobson

My name is Kindall Dobson. I am the proud wife of Brandon Dobson and mommy to a rambunctious two year old, Nora. Just a week after graduating from Southeastern, I not only found out that I had lost my job but that I was pregnant as well. I was having a hard time understanding why God would bring me to such a hard place, but in His infinite wisdom, God was leading me into a place of complete trust in Him. When I started submitting my resume to churches, I really had no idea where we would end up. I ended up getting hired at a church in Wilmington, North Carolina, just two and a half hours away from our home in Wake Forest. I currently serve as the Youth Director and work with students in grades 6-12. In the short three years I've been at Pine Valley, I've seen many lives transformed by the gospel. To see students seek to deepen their walk with the Lord and to live on mission for him is so rewarding. My encouragement is simple to anyone still in seminary thinking about the next steps when they graduate: Trust God. Wherever God wants you, he will make sure you're there. It is impossible to screw up God's will when you have an earnest heart to serve God and love others. He won't let you miss it. Serving in the local church is single handedly one of the most rewarding and most frustrating things I've ever done. You'll often think that some of the most mean, conniving and selfish people are at your church. But, you know what? You'll learn so much about demonstrating Christlikeness by being around them. So, embrace every challenge that comes your way, and trust God always.