Where is God Using You?

By: Martin Sheldon

My name is Martin Sheldon. I graduated from SEBTS with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies in December 2012. I have been a college professor and administrator at Liberty University since 2003. I am in the process of transitioning to our School of Divinity graduate school as an online department chair for theological studies. In addition to my vocation in the university, I co-teach a Life Group at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our approach is to teach the Bible systematically in an expository manner. It is very meaningful for me to be able to serve in both the academy and the church. I believe it is crucial for us as ministers of Jesus Christ to maintain a proper balance between academics and faith. While I have studied the Scriptures virtually all my life (precisely since my conversion to Christ at the age of eleven), my time at Southeastern served to broaden, deepen and strengthen my understanding of Scripture and theology.


I would appreciate your prayer as I transition to being a graduate department chair. Please pray that I would be able to quickly build a rapport with my new faculty and lead them with a servant’s heart as our Lord has exemplified. Please pray for our Life Group- for continued unity of purpose as we seek to impact our community with the gospel of Christ.


I would encourage future students to persistently pursue God’s call on your life. Always make yourself available to serve where you are. Remember, God has a purpose for placing you where you are. It will be extremely important for you to be intentional about balancing academics and devotion. Be careful to avoid ever approaching the Scriptures as a purely academic endeavor. Read your textbooks. Develop relationships with your faculty. Devote yourself to the study of God’s word. Finally, I would remind you to always make your family a priority.