Where is God Using You?

by Matt Felton

A few months ago, I moved with my family to Northern Virginia, where we will take a year of preparation to plant a new church somewhere in the Washington, D.C. metro. Previously, I served for six and a half years as an associate preaching pastor at Henderson Hills Baptist Church, just north of Oklahoma City, and over the last year we’ve excitedly wrestled with the prospect of planting “back East.” I’ll be partnering this next year with great churches in this area – including McLean Bible Church and Sterling Park Baptist – as well as 2 planting Networks: Summit Network in RDU and New City Network here in D.C. Lastly, I’ll be joined shortly by David Chung, a Los Angeles native who also has a heart to see gospel churches multiplied around D.C.

Please pray for us. Pray specifically that God would clearly guide us in choosing a target area, one that most needs a new work and fits well with our family. Pray for evangelistic fruit in this coming year, that people would read the Bible with us and turn from sin to Christ! Pray for a strong core team of like-minded families and individuals to join us. And on that note, who knows, the Lord might compel you to join us in the work. We’d love for you to keep up with our efforts here. Right now, you can do that easily by going to projectdc.org and signing up there for our newsletter.

If you’re a current or future student, I have just two brief words of encouragement for you. (1) Give yourself these few years to the difficult discipline of mastering theology and related skills. You probably feel overwhelmed now, but here’s a word of “encouragement”: You’re likely as free to learn those things now as you’ll ever be. And ministry isn’t always hospitable to playing “catch-up”! (2) Anchor yourself into your local church. The local church is the centerpiece to God’s plans for the world. Make sure that your elders are aware of your work and speaking into it. Serve and minister the gospel now, whatever church God has you in. Wed your seminary experience to your local church, and the rewards you’ll reap will be all the richer.