Where is God Using You?

By: Matthew & Amy Kountz

Greetings from Ecuador,

     My name is Mat Kountz and I am a SEBTS alumnus and missionary in Ecuador with my wife Amy and our four children Will, Lina, Jude and Oli.  We work here training current pastors as well as working to train new pastors and missionaries to reach into Ecuador and beyond with the gospel of Christ.  Among the few pastors there are in Ecuador, there are even fewer with any kind of biblical training and because of this, heresy abounds and the church is weakened.  There are also a decent number of people groups that remain in the country with little or no evangelical population.  This painful reality is augmented by the fact that many missions agencies have pulled out of Ecuador to work in 10/40 window regions.  To meet the missionary need with a lack of gospel workers, we are working to support local mission efforts by raising up new church planters and local missionaries to plant churches among their own language group.  There are many languages but God has blessed us with bi-lingual leaders amongst the Cañari Quichua, Shuar and Achuar people (2 percent, 0.5 percent and 1 percent evangelical, respectively) who we can train in Spanish and they can, in turn, go to their communities preaching in their local dialect.   We have recently encountered a great opening among the Achuar people of the southeastern jungle who have been closed and quite violent towards missionaries in the past.  I am excited to see where that goes.  God is making many openings for effective work here and any prayers and support you can offer in this endeavor are greatly appreciated!  God bless all of you as you walk with the Lord in your calling.