Where is God Using You?

By: Meredith Cook

How and where you are serving

I recently moved to Houston with my husband, Keelan, for him to take a job with the Union Baptist Association. I currently work for the International Mission Board as a content editor. I edit most of the articles that are posted under the "Disciple Making" channel on our website, and I do a little bit of writing myself. In addition to getting involved in our local church here, I am looking for opportunities to be more involved with the vast international/refugee communities that exist here in the city. 

Prayer concerns & praises

The Lord has been very gracious in this new season of life. It was hard to leave our Southeastern and Imago Dei community in Raleigh, but the Lord has really confirmed over these last months that we are where He wants us to be. We have felt very welcomed here and Houston is starting to feel like home. 

We have been living in Houston for five months now, but due to finishing school and a very busy month of travel, we are just now settling into our home, church and community. Pray that we would serve our church well, be bold in sharing the gospel in this city and that we would take advantage of ministry opportunities. Pray that I would make good use of the time that I have now that I am no longer in school. 

Ways you would encourage future students of Southeastern

Join a local church. Regardless of how many years you plan to be there, this will be the group that will take care of you, take responsibility for your spiritual formation during your time there, keep you accountable and you will do the same for them. One of the most valuable things I learned while at Southeastern was the importance of the local church and while I learned that in theory in my classes, I learned it in practice by being a member of a local church for the four years I spent there. They were the people that counseled and encouraged us when we were considering moving, and they continue to support and pray for us. 

Also, know that seminary is a gift. That sounds cheesy, but I consider it a privilege to have been afforded the opportunity to study at Southeastern. For many of us, this will be the only time we have to receive this kind of in-depth theological training from godly professors and leaders. The professors at Southeastern not only have academic knowledge to teach, but most have years of pastoral and missions experience that lend a practical hand to what they are teaching. My years at Southeastern were some of the most formative of my life, and I pray they are for you, too.