Where is God Using You?

By: Michelle Horton

Since graduating from SEBTS, I have been serving as a biblical counselor for Heart Song Counseling. I served in Washington, D.C. for five years and moved to Tampa, Florida one year ago to launch a presence here. Heart Song Counseling is a biblical counseling ministry originally based in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area with national locations now by God's grace. We bring gospel-centered counseling into the local church. We are distinctly biblical, in line with the teachings at SEBTS and the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation. We do all of our counseling under the authority of the local church meaning that we regularly speak with the pastors to include them in the care of the members. We also serve local churches by counseling members and keeping pastors in the loop on how we are caring for their members. We offer training and teaching events to better equip the local church and leaders as well.  

By God's grace, I have also had the opportunity to use the teaching and training from SEBTS to speak at women's events and retreats nationally. I continue to be so thankful for the solid teaching of Scripture and counseling principles that allow me to pour into others the way that so many poured into me at SEBTS.  

I would be so grateful for prayers that more churches in the Tampa Bay area would be able to see just how helpful biblical counseling can be to the spiritual health of their members and the entire church.  This is a vision that the city of Washington, D.C. has now embraced and so my prayer is that we will be able to serve the Bay Area in this same way as people return to the beauty of the Gospel in changing lives.