Where is God Using You?

By: Nathan Brown

I am currently serving as the Senior Pastor of Raleigh Road Baptist Church in Henderson, North Carolina. We are located about 30 minutes north of Southeastern.

Praises first! God is working mightily in our congregation. We have seen tremendous growth, both spiritually and numerically. Just this year, we have had eight baptisms and are looking at 2-4 more in the next few months. We have also had two firsts for our church this year. We took our first out-of-state mission trip for the purpose of evangelism to Provo, Utah and our first International mission trip to Costa Rica! We had a total of nine people attend these two trips. As with any movement of the Spirit, Satan seeks to cause disunity and distract us from our purpose and mission in Christ. Pray that God would unify us as the body of Christ around being transformed by the gospel and proclaiming the gospel as we seek to grow, give, and go. Pray that God would use us to impact our community and the nations with the gospel!

Seminary is a formative time in any minister's life, and SEBTS is a great place to be formed and transformed. Make the most of the time you have been given at SEBTS to grow in the faith and knowledge. Study hard, serve diligently in a local church and seek to be mentored by those who are ahead of you in their ministry work.