Where is God Using You?

By: Ron Aldridge

I am Pastor Ron Aldridge and am currently serving in a new church plant in Charleston, Missouri after serving in Pittsboro, North Carolina for 15 years. We began this new church after feeling that God was calling us to reach the “down-and-outs” in this area (that no one else really wanted). It has been a struggle. For instance, at one point we had two sets of brothers and a sister, and all four brothers were in prison. Now two of them are out, but the sister is going in. It’s very difficult to retain these people once you get them started, but we feel we’re making some progress. We have dealt with many drug addicts and alcoholics and hope we’ve made a difference in some of their lives. July 4 marked our seventh year anniversary and although we started with 22 people and zero dollars, God has provided all our needs from day one. I would urge new pastors: Don’t give up. The road will be hard but the eternal rewards are well worth it. The days of old-time church are past. The world never needed God more and wanted him less, but he’s STILL in control. Hold on and do the work he’s called you to until he returns!