Where is God Using You?

by Samantha Thompson

I am serving as the director of client services at Life Choices, a pregnancy resource center in Northeast Louisiana. My job is to oversee our volunteer team by providing trainings, interviewing potential volunteers and serving as a liaison between our volunteers and clients. We have volunteers who serve as peer counselors, mentors and those who provide office assistance. Every week, they serve faithfully to minister to women in crisis. My job is to pour into our volunteers so they feel encouraged, empowered and equipped to serve each woman who comes into the center. I am also available to counsel women who come in for pregnancy tests. I am learning so much about leadership and how to minister to women from all walks of life.

I am so excited to see the work God is doing through this ministry! We have recently seen God move mightily on behalf of our clients. It has been amazing to watch the Lord divinely intervene and direct their steps, ordain conversations and orchestrate every detail and circumstance. We have had the opportunity to link arms with other ministries in the surrounding area and work together for the same mission. I’ve had the opportunity to share encouragement with women that even when our plans come undone and everything seems broken, God is never taken by surprise and He always remains faithful. He is our true hope and the Father of restoration.

Our prayer is that we can be a light and give hope to those in need. I would ask for prayers that those who experience unplanned pregnancy in Northeast Louisiana would come to Life Choices, and that we would have the opportunity to minister to their needs emotionally, physically and spiritually. Pray that these new moms would choose life. Pray that these women would put their hope and faith in Jesus and find their strength in him. I would also ask you to pray for wisdom for our staff and volunteers, as well as for the families we serve regarding their children. We covet your prayers and are so thankful for those who partner with us in this way. 

My encouragement to current and future students would be to savor every opportunity to learn! This is a sweet season you are in and it will end far too quickly. Soak it up, learn from your professors and dig deep into God’s Word now. Your classes should never replace your personal study, but rather enhance your understanding of scripture to give you a better understanding of who God is and who we are in Him. Learn to live in God’s presence now so that when your feet hit the field you know how to live life fixing your eyes on Jesus and being led by the Spirit. I have found this is the secret to ministry and to life!