Where is God Using You?

By: Stephanie Jackson

I’m Stephanie Jackson, SEBTS class of 2006.  I have the joyful privilege of serving as director of children’s ministries at North Wake Church, located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I’ve served in this leadership role for 14 years and counting! As each year passes, God continues to grow in my heart a deeply rooted passion for serving alongside parents in leading children to Christ! 

I am grateful for our fantastic lead pastor and elder team who are two of the big keys to my longevity in a rather difficult area of ministry. I love the team of volunteers that I get to serve with. They are the heartbeat behind our ministry and it gives me so much joy that we get to serve the next generation together! A continuing prayer request for myself and the ministry I serve in would be that God would continue to use us as a vessel to win many to the kingdom and for God to guard my heart against discouragement on the hard days.

As an alumna, I would love to encourage anyone who is currently serving in children’s ministry to considering serving in children’s ministry post graduation. If anyone is just wondering what it is all about, reach out to me at Children@northwake.com. I would love to come alongside you any way I can. My church has graciously equipped me to host a year-long children’s ministry mentorship, which will take place monthly via Skype. This mentorship is free and open to the first 10 approved applicants. My grand hope is that this mentorship will be a very practical equipping tool to help further equip church planters to start a children’s ministry and for those who are currently serving in children’s leadership to have a resource for encouragement and growth.

If you are a current student, I’d love to encourage and challenge you as you consider where God may be leading you – whether it is serving as senior pastor, worship leader, a Missionary overseas or a lay church volunteer.  Consider how you will reach the 4-14 window through your ministry. Research by The International Bible Society states that 85 percent of Americans who come to Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14 years old. Children’s Ministry is the biggest mission field within the walls of the local church!