Where is God Using You?

By: Taylor Turner

I am currently serving in my local church in the Richmond area. I am leading a men’s group through Colossians, verse by verse. I am also assisting with adult education, mostly related to applied theology (biblical counseling). My day job is engineering (water and wastewater).

I find that as I have aged, my organizational abilities are challenged. Yet, my hunger for a closer relationship with and greater love for the Lord has grown. But, humility is good for my soul. I have discovered (the Lord has revealed) that I have a fear of man and that it is a most heinous sin.

I would encourage students to focus on completing their studies and getting involved in ministry as soon as possible. Seek to apply what you have learned as soon as possible and for as long as possible. Seek to develop relationships with those professors who will allow it. There are some great professors at SEBTS. Seek to learn about life and ministry from them. Your passion for the Lord will be influenced as a result. Take Dr. Sam Williams emotions class and read every book he mentions. It will be a sanctifying experience.

Do not sacrifice your daily time with God. Do not allow the tyranny of the urgent to govern your life. Otherwise, you will graduate with much head knowledge and a dry heart.