Where is God Using You?

By: Thomas West

Last spring, I completed my 9 years of training at Southeastern Seminary (I reflected on my experience for the Intersect Project here). Southeastern taught me the importance of integration. Anyone who has read a syllabus at SEBTS knows that theological integration is one of the core competencies that every course is taught in view of. My time at Southeastern was pivotal in teaching me the importance of integrating the disciplines as well as integrating the orthodoxy to orthopraxy. 

Currently, I serve as the discipleship pastor at Providence Church in Raleigh. There I oversee our discipleship areas (children, student, college, adult and care ministries). I specifically focus on college ministry and do so through preaching and leadership development. You can pray for the ministry at Providence by praying for our incredible staff team and the many leaders who serve. You can pray that we would keep Jesus as our lead story in every conversation, Bible lesson and small group gathering. God has been so good to our faith family over the last couple of years. Half of our pastoral staff team are graduates of SEBTS and we are so thankful for our continued partnership over the years. 

I encourage current seminary students to prioritize the mentoring and relationships of their local church during their seminary years. The coaching and training of a local church either makes or breaks a pastor-theologian.