Where is God Using You?

By: Trevor King

I will always be thankful for my time as a student at Southeastern. The Lord used that season of life to prepare me not just for a particular job, but for what it means to be a faithful Christian. I finished my graduate degree in the spring of 2015. Later that year, God opened two doors: I became the director of events for Southeastern and I began a process to become a pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. The training I received from Southeastern has been invaluable as a pastor. Counseling, theology and the fundamentals of how to study the Bible have helped me minister to my local church.

As a new pastor, I covet your prayers. While a classroom is helpful for the foundation, there is no substitute for being trained through the real experience of walking with people through the struggles of life. Please pray that I would remain close to the Lord, awed by the grandeur of who he is. Pray that I would lead and love my family well. A wonderful truth of the Bible is that when we pray for help, God doesn’t simply give us help, but he gives us the Helper. When we need counsel, he gives us the Counselor. When we pray for wisdom, he gives us the Spirit of wisdom. God’s greatest gift to us is himself; may we never lose the wonder of that truth.

If you are considering seminary, I commend Southeastern to you. If you are currently in seminary, I encourage you to stick it out and finish well. In your study of Scripture, language, and theology, do all you can to cultivate an awe of who God is. Don’t lose the wonder of the gospel. Never forget the grace that brought you to this point. Friend, your greatest need is not more training, but deeper affections for Jesus. This is my prayer for you: that love for the Savior would rule your heart and nourish your soul.